Joined Script Name -BRSP

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Joined Script lettering has a 1-time $20.00 set up fee per word connected up to 10 letters to program your name, word or phrase into our CNC cutter.                                                                                                            The bases are not included in the price but can be ordered here

 The 1st Letter capital will be 6"' tall capital & the rest shorter in proportion.  The width of the complete name will be 18"-28" wide depending on the amount of letters in the name.                                                                           Certain first letters will not be connected to the rest of the name.  But it should not be a problem adding it to a base. 

Contact us if you need a custom font for your designs.  If you need the items larger, other color options or custom shapes.

Names with lower case letters below the line like f, g, j, p, q, y, will be the 1st letter to touch your board & the name will be higher.

 Email or call us with questions.  

Great for candle lighting boards or displaying names or words.

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