High Heel Shoe & Base (Rainbow Pink + Black Base)

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If you would like exactly what you seen in the picture please go ahead and select the "Rainbow Pink" color & the "Black Base" color. 

Fun Fact! You Can Order This item in ANY COLOR

Styrofoam High Heel Shoe Centerpieces 
The Shoe is 11" tall x 1.5" thick, on a 9" diameter x 1.5" thick base.
The approx. centerpiece size is 12" wide x 14" tall.

The centerpieces are shipped in separate pieces.  
You can order unfinished & you can decorate the items with paint & glitter & add embellishments to add to your designs.
Or we can glitter the shoe on all sides & glitter the base on the top & edges in different glitter colors.

When finishing your items: Use only water based non-petroleum products. Spray paint can eat the foam.
You can add ribbon on the edges from your local craft store in 1.5" thick ribbon works the best.
Contact us if you need us to finish your centerpieces with custom colors.

Contact us for larger pieces or custom designs in other shapes.

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