Gymnastics Candle Lighting Kit

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With your Gymnastic Candle Lighting Kit order you will get a complete candelabra in your color choices and everything you need including the candles in your choice of colors.

Choose the letter font style, name color & enter the name.  Joined script is all connected & is an extra $20 set up.

The amount of candles will adjust your final price.

Select how many candles and color of the candles. Then pick your base top color for the two-tiered base. Then select your ribbon edges for the edge trim on your base top   Pick the colors for the gymnast and foil colors for the ends of the base

Tip: Select a different color for your letters so they will stand out from the base.

Approx. dimensions: 30"-36" long x 8" wide 15" tall.

Assembly required.  Approx. Assembly Time: 30 minutes

Click here for the video to see how easy it is to assembly your board.

Skill Level: Beginner
Email or call us with any questions, custom fonts or designs. 

Product Information: Included are all the needed supplies and detailed instruction sheets   We do the prep work, no painting required.  The basic tools you will need are a glue glue, yard stick or straight edge for lining up the letters, scissors and a pair of latex gloves to keep the glitter off your hands.

Use this Board for the Candle Lighting Ceremony for your child's Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Bat or Bat Mitzvah. Order it without candles and use it as a name board for display at the party.



Name and Base Top Colors

Ribbon Edge Choices

 Foil Colors


Gymnast Color Choices




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