Q: What is a kit? Do I have to put it together?
A: Our DIY centerpiece kits are designed to save you time and money. Your kit will contain the correct quantities of the products you need, eliminating waste. You will receive instructions from our designer on proven assembly methods. Most people do not find the assembly difficult and are pleased with their creation. However, please allow for enough assembly time to make each centerpiece you purchase. Most designs require a glue gun for assembly.
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Q: I don't see my theme listed. Will you make me a custom kit?
A: Yes, please contact us to discuss your custom designed centerpieces.
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Q: Is it cheaper to only buy supplies?
A: You can save money by ordering supplies individually instead of a complete kit, BUT be careful. If you aren't familiar with our products it is often wise to order a kit first to see how it is put together then order supplies for additional arrangements. Some common problems when ordering supplies only include: Omitting necessary components to the design such as sticks and structural reinforcements; and misjudgements in sizes and proportions.
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Q: When will I receive my order?
A:Shipping Information:

Our kits are custom manufactured in our warehouse according to the colors and options you select.

They require 24 hour drying time after your order has been processed.
Please allow 1 week processing for centerpiece kits & candle lighting boards. Supplies could be shipped sooner. Please let us know your date needed and we will do all we can to make sure you receive your order on time. Contact us for Rush shipping options. 1 888 443 4267 Check the Zone Map below for approximate transit time after leaving our facility.

centerpieces shipping

Outside Continental US
After your order is packed we will email a shipping quote within 24 hours.

If you need to receive your order by a certain date please inform us in the Date Needed Box.

***If an item is out of stock or your order is delayed, we will notify you by email. We are not responsible for emails not received due to spam filters.
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Q: What are the shipping charges?
A: Shipping Rates are calculated by order total.

Shipping & Handling Rates

Standard Delivery

  • $0.01 - $20.00 -$10.95
  • $20.01 - $40.00 -$13.95
  • $40.01 - $75.00 -$15.95
  • $75.01 - $100.00 -$19.95
  • $100.01 - $125.00 -$24.95
  • $125.01 - $150.00 -$26.95
  • $150.01 - $175.00 -$29.95
  • $175.01 - $200.00 -$34.95
  • $200.01 - $250.00 -$36.95
  • $250.01 - $300.00 -$39.95
  • $300.01 - $350.00 -$45.95
  • $350.01 - $400.00 -$52.95
  • $400.01 and up -15% of total

Outside Contiguous United States

Calculated after order is packed.

Charge Your UPS Account (wholesale accounts only)

$5.00 Handling Fee

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Q: Will there be an extra fee if my package requires an address correction?
A: Orders which have been submitted to us with incorrect address information and have not been corrected before they are shipped will incur a $15.00 charge for ground packages and a $25.00 charge for air packages. Incorrect address information includes; missing apartment or suite number, wrong house number, missing company name, wrong zip code, or any other error which causes our carrier to charge us extra fees. Incorrect addresses may also result in delayed delivery. If an order is returned to us because of an incorrect address the customer will have to pay for the shipping again to the correct address. If a customer wants to cancel their order that was returned to us. The customer will still be responsible for the original shipping cost. Please double check your shipping address for accuracy. This fee will be billed to the credit card the order was placed with. If you feel you have been charged this fee in error, please contact us so we may dispute the fee with the package delivery company. We appreciate your cooperation.
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Q: What are your payment options?
A:  creditcards.gif

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit or debit cards on our secure online checkout. You may opt to phone us with your credit card number if desired. We also accept payments by check. Your order will not be processed until after your check is received.
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Q: Do you accept returns?
A: Supplies can be returned for a full refund within 15 days of receipt of your order.
After 15 days, there will be a 20% restocking charge on supplies.
All kits, lettering and painted products will be charged a 50% restocking fee after they are shipped out.

If you receive a discount for your original order over $100 or more or Free Shipping and you return part of the order, the return results in the order dropping below $100 and the discount you received will be void and you will be refunded accordingly. Example: If you get a $20 off for an order over $100, and you return $60 worth of supplies, your credit would be $40. Because you are now below $100 on the order. Or if you get free shipping on your order over $95. If you order $125 of items & return $90. You will be charged the correct shipping amount for the amount ordered. For the example above would be a $11.95 shipping charge added to the credit.
** Customer is responsible for original shipping and return shipping costs.

Please return products to:
Awesome Events & Supplies, Inc.
1750 Australian Ave
Suite 3
Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Please include in the box:
your name, a phone number where you can be reached, invoice number, and reason for return.

Once we receive the product we will credit your charge card.

Please report any missing or broken items within 1 week of delivery. We will promptly send or replace the needed items. If the claim is after 1 week, the customer will be responsible for the freight for the missing supplies or broken supplies.

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Q: May I receive a discount?
A: We have bulk pricing on most of our supplies enabling you to receive quantity discounts. Bulk discounts are on items that do not require us to break a case, repack or count the product in our warehouse. Our kits are custom manufactured for each individual order. Please contact us if your ordering over 20 kits at one time for a special discounted price quote.
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Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A:Yes, to qualified resellers only. You must submit an application and wait for approval. View terms here.
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Q: What if I want to cancel my order?
A: All orders can be cancelled 3 days after the order is placed for a full refund.
Please understand that all orders are made custom for each customer Any order cancelled after 3 days that have finished styrofoam pieces like candle lighting boards, centerpiece kits, finished base kits, styrofoam figures, theme shapes, letters and numbers will be charged a 50% restocking charge for the styrofoam finished items only. All supplies & foam board cut outs can be cancelled for a full refund.
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Q: May I use your pictures on my web site?
A: You must have written permmission to legally use our pictures. Awesome Events & Supplies, Inc. owns the designs and must be given proper credit.

Once you purchase our kits and assemble the centerpieces you can show pictures of your finished kits as your work.
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Q: What are your terms of use?
A: Read our terms of use here.
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