What size Centerpiece Do I Need?
What size centerpiece do I need?

After choosing the theme and colors for your centerpiece, you need to select the size. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right decision.

The obvious consideration is the table size. But, the room dimensions, ceiling height and type of meal that will be served can also play a part in selecting the correct size for your centerpiece.

Most venues will seat 8 people at a 60" round table. But, if they are limited on space they might seat 10 people to a table. The centerpiece should allow sufficient room for the table setting and not obstruct the view of people sitting across from each other.

You must also consider the type of meal to be served. At buffet style meal the table is fairly empty when the guests arrive. You will need larger table centerpieces than if the full table setting has already been placed for a sit down dinner.

If your centerpiece seems too small for the table, the visual size of your centerpiece can be enlarged by adding table enhancements. Adding an overlay or mirror under your centerpiece base will give the impression of a larger arrangement. Confetti or small theme items sprinkled around the base can also be used to embellish your table.

You may want to add height to a centerpiece that is to be placed in a room with tall ceilings. There are several creative ways to accomplish this without obstructing the guests' view. Height can be added by using a few pieces of ting or other design materials that can visually be seen through. Balloons are an easy way to add height and draw attention away from the ceiling. If you envision a centerpiece with large components fanning out the top, consider using a pedestal to raise the arrangement above the visual line when seated.

Find the visual line for seated guests by setting your elbow on the table. The height at the tips of your fingers would be the approximate visual line. It is also a good idea to check your arrangement by sitting at the table with someone across from you to see if it is a hindrance. If the meal is a buffet, take into account that the guests will be standing and moving around. You may need to adjust balloon and design components accordingly.