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Save money by inserting your own rods using our bamboo skewer or hole reamer.

Instructions for inserting rods:

  • Push point of skewer or reamer into the foam.
  • Twist to enlarge hole.
  • Remove and insert rod.
  • Remove rod.
  • Fill hole with cool glue.
  • Reinsert rod.


Size of rods to use:

1/8” rod
Use in smaller foam board shapes.
Do not recommend longer than 9” long.
Smaller rods are easier to insert but not as stable.
Can be cut with wire cutters.
Sports balls, 2” letters & card symbols, use 1/8” rods.


3/16” rod -
Larger foam board shapes require 3/16” rod for stability.
Experience recommended before attempting – this is the best choice for most items but more difficult to insert and can tear product.
Can be cut with wire cutters – with effort.

1/4" Rod
Too large to insert in foam board products.
Good to use in Styrofoam figures and Styrofoam letters.
Use to support larger products in arrangements. (cut with hacksaw)
Rod insertion not recommended for Sweet 16 Hearts and Comedy/Tragedy Masks.
Alternatives to inserting acrylic rods are card picks or adhesive card picks.

Design tip:
Break off the forks on a card pick and use the rod below to glue into the product. The rod on the card pick is flat and easier to glue in the shape than a round acrylic rod.