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Corporate Events

Awesome Events DIY Centerpiece Kits and supplies will enable your organization to make "awesome centerpieces" and party decorations. Our new bulk discounts on most of our supplies will help you save money on bigger events.

Buying a kit takes out the guesswork. Yet, there is enough flexibility to change or add to the design if you need something unique. You choose your design and color options. Your kit will include detailed instructions and a photo of what the completed design will look like. Most designs only require a glue gun to assemble. A few designs require spray adhesive. There is no painting involved. You will be using techniques that designers have spent years learning.

Corporate Events - why have a party for your employees?


Race Theme Centerpiece Kit   - Olympic
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Star Theme Centerpiece Kit   - Star
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Corporate Anniversary Decorations   - Corporate Anniversary
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Corporate Recreation Activities   - Casino
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