Awesome Events (www.awesomeevent.com) has been an online store since 2003. We sell themed centerpiece kits and supplies to make beautiful and unique party decorations.

Designed to save time and money, our table decoration kits help Do It Yourself and Professional Event Decorators alike.

Why we started this blog?

Simply, to better interact with our customers:

  • We have much more information and many more ideas for unique theme party decorations than space allows on our store’s website. Check out our Party Decorations Ideas section before you decorate your next event.
  • We would love to hear from you. Please send us your comments, ideas and photos of your creations. If you have made centerpieces using Awesome Events kits or supplies, go to Your Creations to upload your photos.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Anna

    i like #1 and #5 the best. but if i had to choose i would go with #1. its tieesmls and classic. but i really like the pinstripe in #5. i do not like #2 because as a centerpiece, guests sitting at the table would not be able to see around it. just my opinion


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